Paicines Ranch

Join us in Paicines, California for a week of farming, learning, and building community, with a focus on financing regenerative agriculture. This week-long farm experience is part of the Climate Farm School learning program.

About the farm

The property

Nestled in the heart of San Benito County, among the sweeping oak-studded hillsides, the historic Paicines Ranch is habitat for wildlife. The ranch mission is to work with the dynamic natural world to regenerate the health of the ecosystem from the soil up while growing delicious, nourishing food for the surrounding community. The ranch consists of approximately 7000 acres of rangeland, 550 acres of row crop ground, and 25 acres of vineyard, all certified organic. In all three areas, farmers and ranchers are making changes to move towards more perennial systems, more complexity and diversity. The farm also produces 100% grassfed beef, lamb, pork, and turkey.

Farm team

Paicines Ranch is owned by Sallie Calhoun, an impact investor, activist, and philanthropic funder in regenerative agriculture. Her work focuses on improving the health of agricultural soils and sequestering carbon in soil to mitigate climate change, while creating healthier people. She is also the founder of the No Regrets Initiative, which seeks to use all available forms of capital to create change in the agricultural system. Participants will also interact directly with Greg Richardson (Director of Monitoring and Research), Kelly Mulville (Vineyard Manager), Elaine Patarini (Learning Center) and members of the livestock team.

Glimpses from the farm

Hands-on activities

Prepare to get your hands dirty with a wide range of activities offered at the farm.

Farming and ranching

Food and cooking

Pricing and expected commitment

US $2200 – $3500 / 4 weeks

*Pricing varies based on lodging. Exact details are provided in the application form.

Cohort starting Mar 25, 2024

Farm dates: Apr 7-13

Hear from Climate Farm School fellows

Caroline Santinelli

"Climate Farm School should be required coursework for every generation.. I've learned that it doesn't matter if you work in the climate or agriculture industry; as humans, we are a part of, not apart from, the agro-ecosystem, and we owe it to ourselves and our planet to understand the complexity of our food systems."

Consulting Engagement Director at Soil Centric
Varsha Uthappa

"The week spent on the farm was one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.. This course has given me so much knowledge, insight, perspective and hope.. The course material combined with all the people associated in making it what it is makes it so unique and like nothing else out there."

Business Consultant at Coldwater Canyon Provisions

Lodging and FAQs

Course participants will stay in a shared 3- or 4-bedroom house with access to a large kitchen space for group meal preparation (Pinnacles or Grogan House). Some rooms are private and others have multiple beds in shared rooms. Details and additional photos are available on the Paicines Ranch website here (scroll to bottom for photos of Pinnacles House).


Some bedrooms have private bathrooms with showers while most have shared bathroom facilities.

Camping is available for a reduced course price, and campers can either bring their own tent and camping gear or request camping gear be provided by the course team (limited number of tents and sleeping set ups available onsite).

Camping is available for a reduced course price, and campers can either bring their own tent and camping gear or request camping gear be provided by the course team (limited number of tents and sleeping set ups available onsite).

The course theme is ‘financing regenerative agriculture’. This course will feature guest speakers and dedicate discussion time for delving into topics related to human, natural, investment, and philanthropic capital needed to support a transition to climate-resilient, equitable regional food systems. We will hear from Sallie Calhoun, Paicines Ranch owner and founder of #NoRegrets initiative, about the mix of investment and philanthropy that she is helping channel into rebuilding soil and agroecosystem health.

Paicines, CA is a predominately hot and dry climate in San Benito County, CA. The area receives less than 15” of annual rainfall on average, with the recent years having much lower rainfall totals. In April the weather should be extremely pleasant, not yet too hot and still some green in the pastures and fields. 

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