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In-depth learning on various climate domains, beginning with our flagship: a comprehensive 12-week climate bootcamp.

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Climate learning

Scan the forest. Study the trees.

Explore free guided pathways and modules

Browse through our free structured guided pathways to help you dive into climate topics.

Learn from the leading voices in climate

World-class instructors trained in online teaching and facilitation, and guest lecturers with deep domain expertise.
Jacqueline Ros Amable

Managing Director at Venture For ClimateTech, Climate Change for VCs

Matt Eggers

Partner at Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Climate Change for VCs

Vance Merolla

Worldwide Director of Global Sustainability at Colgate-Palmolive Company, Corporate Sustainability Leadership

Aruna Chandrasekhar

Climate Journalist at Carbon Brief, Learning for Action

Dr. Antonis Stampoulis

Technical Advisor, SustainChain; ex-Director of Engineering, Originate NYC, Climate Change for Software Engineers

Dr. Laney Siegner

Climate Farm School Director


A springboard for action

Our learning philosophy is custom-built to maximize a single outcome: to get you to work in climate.

Cohort-based learning

A structured syllabus with a group of learners at the same time, highly proven to drive outcomes in online learning.

Practical and hands-on

Working sessions, assignments, and practicums tailored to your local and sectoral context.

Live sessions

Live (online) small group and large format settings to maximize comprehension and networking.

For individuals and teams

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to drive sustainable change. Enroll your team at reduced rates.

Thorough and concise

Everything you need to know to get productive in climate (and its sub-domains) quickly.

On the bleeding edge

Always-on learning material updates on the science, technology, and market progression.

Spotlight: Guest events

Programming for each cohort includes several events featuring eminent speakers from science, policy, business, and social issues in relevant climate fields.

Fireside chats

Intimate sessions with highly experienced climate leaders, designed to give you actionable insights, motivation and inspiration.

Guest talks

Weekly sessions with climate professionals, designed to help you understand the practical applications of your coursework.

Live workshops

Informal, but highly interactive, sessions with practitioners, designed to help you apply new skills and get actionable feedback from experts.

academic advisory board

Steered by distinguished experts

Meet our academic advisory board comprised of leaders in the fields of climate science, social entrepreneurship, clean energy, climate finance, climate justice, transformative leadership, climate policy, and resilience. They guide and help maintain the high quality of our learning offerings.

Dr. Katharine Wilkinson

Executive Director, The All We Can Save Project (USA)

Dr. Wilkinson (she/her) is an author, strategist, teacher, and one of 15 “women who will save the world,” according to Time magazine.
Dr. Charles Fletcher

Interim Dean, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (USA)

Dr. Fletcher is an award-winning educator and researcher. He focuses on natural coastal ecosystems and coastal community resiliency.

Dr. Sarah Burch

Associate Professor, University of Waterloo (Canada)

Dr. Burch is an expert on transformative community responses to climate change, and on sustainability and small businesses.

Dr. Harish Hande

Founder, SELCO (India)

Dr. Hande is the chairman of SELCO India, which provides affordable renewable energy to poor and underserved households in rural India.
Dr. Gordon L. Clark

Senior Consultant and Emeritus Professor, Oxford University (UK)

Dr Clark has held academic appointments at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Law School and Carnegie Mellon.
Dr. Radhika Khosla

Associate Professor, Oxford University (UK)

Dr. Khosla is an associate professor at the Smith School of Enterprise and Environment. She studies the growing demand for cooling energy.

Our programs

Browse the full list of our intensive cohort-based learning programs. And do check back in as we add programs often!

Are you a professional with a passion for teaching?

Teach some of the best learners you can find: people committed to taking climate action and eager to learn practical skills to help them accelerate their impact.

from climate practitioners





1-on-1 career mentorship from experienced industry professionals in every major sector including energy, policy, and agriculture. 

Rozita Singh

Head of Solutions Mapping, Accelerator Lab at UNDP | India

Dr. Alicja Dzieciol

Co-founder and Director at SilviBio Limited | Scotland

Richard Hammond

Country Lead Advisor - Energy Access at RTI International | Ghana

Nicolas Chow

Director, Sustainability EMEA at the Plug and Play Tech Center | France

Barakalla Robyn

Partnerships & Development Lead | Earthworm Foundation| Indonesia

Sara Telahoun

Principal Consultant: Decarbonisation at Anthesis Group | England

The (not so) secret sauce: community

The pride of our learning programs is the caring global community that has developed around them—accomplished, passionate, and most of all, ready to help you.

Accomplished, diverse professionals

Mid-career professionals successful in their current jobs across a wide spectrum of functions, roles, industries, countries, races, ethnicities, sexual orientation, and genders.​

United by purpose and ethos

Every member is animated by a deep desire to work on and help each other with this generation's biggest crisis, climate change.

Our fellows say it best...

Aanchal Somani

"The Terra.do LFA fellowship was the best decision I ever made. Working in climate had been a long-held ambition, but one that seemed inaccessible. Terra has transformed my perspective and opened windows and doors. Take this course! You won't regret it."

Narayan Iyer

"Terra.do's Learning for Action is not like any other course you have ever taken. It is a new way of learning for those seeking knowledge and truth. Group learning at its best with a community to support you, and top notch experts in the field to guide you. The 12 weeks is the start to a lifelong journey of making friends, and peers, and work colleagues."

Yasemin Sırali

"Best investment I've made for myself in a while. Learning about climate science with like-minded, conscientious people from all around the world has been a therapeutic experience for me."

John Ellison

"Terra.do accelerated my climate action journey and helped me find my unique contribution in just a few months. The best part was meeting brilliant people from all over the world who have left incredible companies like Amazon, Twitter, Apple and Slack to fight climate change."

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