La Junquera

Join us in Murcia, Spain for a week of farming, learning, and building community, with a focus on landscape restoration. This week-long farm experience is part of the Climate Farm School learning program.

About the farm

The property

La Junquera is a 1,100-hectare farm, based in one of the driest areas on the Iberian Peninsula. The farm has been working with regenerative practices and projects since 2015, and their work includes education, research, entrepreneurship, and ecosystem restoration. Alfonso Chico de Guzman, co-founder of La Junquera, took the decision to transform the land, implementing regenerative practices that were able to transform his arid lands into thriving fields. La Junquera is now considered a regional hub for regenerative ideas and their best practices are being transmitted to other farmers in the area.

Farm team

Alfonso Chico de Guzmán is the co-founder of La Junquera. He moved to the town in 2012 and began making big changes by diversifying crops and implementing regenerative practices. His wife, Yanniek Schoonhaven, runs the Regeneration Academy and leads educational initiatives on the farm. Alfonso and Yanniek will integrate farm school participants into diversified farm life and activities.

Glimpses from the farm

Hands-on activities

Prepare to get your hands dirty with a wide range of activities offered at the farm.

Farming and agroforestry

Food and cooking

Pricing and expected commitment

US $3000 – $3500 / 4 weeks

*Pricing varies based on lodging. Exact details are provided in the application form.  
*New 2024 farm dates coming soon

Hear from Climate Farm School fellows

Arizona Muse

"There’s a whole world beneath our feet that must be understood and nurtured, because most of what we need in life comes from the soil, grown for us by farmers. When constantly faced with the looming effects of climate change it is the most refreshing feeling to meet people who are working towards the solution. Here on @lajunquera farm at the @regenerationacademy, we spent a week learning about Regenerative Farming with our hands, ears, eyes and noses. "

Sofia and Pablo

"In this course, we learned about the regenerative model, a model that proposes a paradigm shift in the current agricultural system and that involves the commitment and fight against the loss of biodiversity, climate change and desertification. Through small seminars, debates, and above all, visits to the field, one knows first-hand what day-to-day life is like in the field and how to make a living from the regenerative business. "

Accommodation and other FAQs

During the week you will stay in a beautiful manor in Cehegin (30 min drive from the farm). This house has been in the family for over 500 years and shows the history of the territory and the farm over the years. There are 8 bedrooms, some private, some shared, and shared bathroom facilities plus a kitchen available for group use in the house. Participants will carpool to and from the farm each day, and will return to the house for some evening meals, exploring the tapas scene in nearby towns. A few evening meals will be provided at La Junquera. Camping is not an option for this host farm site.

Camping is not an option at this farm site. 

The course theme is landscape restoration. La Junquera is focused on regenerative organic agriculture dryland farming that respects and restores local ecosystem function. The majority of the farm’s 1100 acres are non irrigated rangeland and perennial cropping systems. 

It is a hot and dry climate, with summer temperatures reaching above 100F / 40C. Plan accordingly for summer courses and bring sun protection!

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